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Prototyping of Hologram

Prototype of a pyramid-type hologram projection device, I was in charge of the Hardware design and CG work for the display contents.

Based on the conceptual image by Miho Yamano, who designed the character, I designed the prototype specifications using procurable devices and materials.

In particular, the angle and dimensions of the pyramid on which the hologram is projected were precisely calculated and designed.

3D modeling, rigging, and rendering of the characters by Maya.Coding a program in HTML to switch the display contents by pressing the specified button on the bluetooth keyboard.

Concept Image



Sketch by Miho Yamano

Prototype Specification


Hardware Design


Hologram projection plate

Contents switching program

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="ja">


   <meta charset="UTF-8">



<body style="background-color: black">

   <video autoplay muted loop class="video"></video>



   window.addEventListener("keydown", handleKeydown);

   function handleKeydown(event) 

       // キーコード(どのキーが押されたか)を取得

       var keyCode = event.keyCode;


       var tmpVideo = document.querySelector('video');}


       // 以下、条件文でキーボード制御

       //'2'を押した時 = 宇宙

       if (keyCode == 50) {

           tmpVideo.setAttribute('src', 'ファイルパス1');}

       //'5'を押した時 = 人吸い込み

       if (keyCode == 53) {

           tmpVideo.setAttribute('src', 'ファイルパス2');}

       //'8'を押した時 = 雪

       if (keyCode == 56) {

           tmpVideo.setAttribute('src', 'ファイルパス3');}

       //'-'を押した時 = 炎

       if (keyCode == 189) {

           tmpVideo.setAttribute('src', 'ファイルパス4');}

       //'Z'を押した時 = お花見

       if (keyCode == 90) {

           tmpVideo.setAttribute('src', 'ファイルパス5');​}

       //'V'を押した時 = エビフライ

       if (keyCode == 86) {

           tmpVideo.setAttribute('src', 'ファイルパス6');​}

       //'M'を押した時 = カレー

       if (keyCode == 77) {

           tmpVideo.setAttribute('src', 'ファイルパス7');}

       //'/'を押した時 = エッフェル塔

       if (keyCode == 191) {

           tmpVideo.setAttribute('src', 'ファイルパス8');​}​




3D CG Modeling by MAYA


Squash Animation by MAYA

3D Motion Animation


PhotoRealistic Rendering & Animation



Character Design & Concept Planning : Miho Yamano

HTML Coding : Miho Yamano

Hardware Design : Naoto Tsuruoka

CG Works ( 3D modeling / Texture / Rigging /  Lighting / Rendering / Composite ) : Naoto Tsuruoka 

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